Dynamod Inventory Software

1 Hub for all back-end multi-chain management systems. Powerful New Retail Solution.

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Easy manage & Grow!

A hub to manage, sync up and link up. Reduce cross workload, quicken operation. So you manage easy, grow sales & customers.

Sales & Billing


Purchase Management


Shop Sales & Online Orders


Self-Collect At Shop


Inventory Management

Customer Management

Multiple Payments

Retail Specialist Management

Intelligence Analytics

SmartWay of Optimizing Inventory

Tracking your stocks and maintaining a healthy stock level has never been easier with DynaMod. Get data on your stocks across all channels and know what’s available to avoid any loss of sales and strengthen your cash flow.

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Dynamod inventory software

Maximize Profitability With The Right Inventory Management

Never run out of your best-selling product again with insights analytics for better control & promotion plans. Set competitive selling prices, transfer stocks easily across multiple stores POS software, get the latest updates on slow-moving inventories, and more!

Scale to size. Ready for Growth!

Time to grow your business big and engage your valuable clients.

Dynamod Inventory management system

Reason to choose Dynamod Inventory Software



  • Engage with more customers
  • More opportunities

Save Time

  • Automate consuming tasks
  • focus on developing brand

Sell More

  • Easily Open new channels
  • Online offline stores

Visibility Control

  • Timely insights
  • Business Performance

Work Smarter

  • Balance work-life
  • Manage Easily

Growth Plan

  • O2O solution
  • Future expansion