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Software Smart One F&B

Stay sharp with One F&B 

OneF&B ensures seamless flow from the order-taking to the kitchen, payments to data back-up.

The system stores all important information to assist you in attaining greater efficiency in your F&B business.

The OneF&B software was developed to act as an entry level application where you can experience the superiority of using a POS system without having to spend a fortune for it.

I already have a cash register! Why should I change to OneF&B?

  • Serve your customers speedily
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Detailed inventory reports that enable you to manage stocks better
  • Keep up with the digital times
  • Simplify accounting processes with timely and orderly reports
  • Fast tracking of sales made
  • Save time, so that you can spend more time on more important matters
  • Ability to meet your growing business’ needs
  • Many more features than the standard cash register, but costs just a little bit more
  • Easy to operate and able to tell how much is left in your cash drawer instantly
  • Less theft as employees know that all stocks are monitored 

Regardless of whether you have a multi-chain F&B outlet or are just starting up, Smart Acc offers both touchscreen and non-touchscreen solutions to match your business needs. 

Key features of OneF&B

OneF&B was developed with 80% of Touch F&B features and costs only one-third of the TouchF&B price. Think of this as a Lite Version of Touch F&B! When your business is ready, the OneF&B solution can be upgraded into TouchF&B, where you can enjoy the additional 20% more advanced features to enhance your already smooth-running F&B establishment’s operations.

Here are some of the common features:

  • Fast order, thru well-organised friendly screen
  • Split sales, split or combine tables
  • Modifier food menu
  • Tally cash drawer to sales
  • Change menu, set combo promo meals
  • Control user password access
  • Multi-area printing (Kitchen / Bar)
  • Cash flow control, in and out
  • Back-up all data for safekeeping
  • Stock maintenance and adjustment
  • Export files to other software


User Access Control

Stock Maintenance

Fast Order Screen

Table Management

Modify or Add Other Info

Multi Printer

Cash Count

Hold Kitchen & Table Slip

Daily Sales Summary

Customer Receipt

  • Hold Kitchen i.e. Table Slip
  • Kitchen Slip
  • Waiting List Progress List
  • Waiting List Progress Done
  • Customer Receipt with Rounding Cent
  • Customer Receipt (Split Bill)
  • Daily Collection
  • Close Counter Report
  • Daily Summary
  • Payment Sales By Hour
  • Order Sales By Hour
  • Daily Detail Report
  • Sales By Hour Report
  • Refund Report
  • Sales Report By Category
  • Top Sales Qty Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis Summary
  • Daily Sales Document – Sales Person
  • Daily Sales Item Sales Person
  • Receipt Refund Report
  • Audit Trail Track
  • Time Attendance
  • Credit List Control