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Slip Printer


Epson TMU-295 Slip Printer

The TM-U295 Epson slip printer is a Windows and OPOS compatible serial slip printer. It is one of the smallest slip printer available. With 3-part copy and dual cash drawer-handling abilities, this is a great choice for most POS applications

Epson TMU-590 Slip Printer

The TM-U950 Epson slip printer features 2.5 stations with forty columns or journal & receipt printing each and 86 columns of slip. It is ideal for POS applications, offering 40 columns of journal/receipt per station

Epson TMU-950 Slip Printer

The TM-U590 Epson slip printer is a high speed, multi-function slip printer designed for printing muti-part documents up to 88 columns in width. Best used for document printing, the TM-U590 will print up to 5 part copies for applications in hotels and restaurants as well as bank statements and shipping documents. The TM-U590 is supported by Epson’s standard ESC/POSr command system and is a Windows compatible product.

Star SP-298 Slip Printer

The SP298 Star slip printer is a serial dot matrix impact slip printer. Ideal for check validation, check franking, restaurant hard check, and document printing, the SP298 has been designed to fill a strong requirement from existing markets and customers.

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