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Pole Display


Pole display (Customer Display) shows the purchase information to the customer. The data is sent by the Point of sale software. Between transactions, it’s possible to show other messages on the pole display, such as welcome message, company name, sale advertisement and “thank you” message. Pole display are available with varies pole lengths to accommodate different counter heights.

PartnerTech CD-5220 / PCD-2209 Customer Pole Display

The PartnerTech CD-5220 Pole Display provides an easy to read display and versatility to meet your needs. The pole itself is separated into two sections, allowing the CD-5220 to be configured for up to 4 different height values. The head unit can be rotated up to 270 degrees laterally, and tilted up to 35 degrees, allowing for maximum visibility.

Posiflex PD2200 Pole Display

The Posiflex PD2200 pole display comes with a wide base for stand-alone applications. It has a serial pass-through interface.

Tysso VFD-650 / VFD-450 VFD Pole Display

The VFD-650 Customer Display come with fascinating design that make friendly communication with customers. It is one of the most slim customer display on the market. It can display up to 40 characters (20 columns x 2 lines)  with large font (9.2 x 6.4mm VFD) or (6.00 x 9.66mm LCD) for easy to read. It come with Beige, black, and semi-transparent casing

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