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Agile Solution Sdn Bhd (630841-D) was established since the year 2003 in the form of a shop located at Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Today, Agile Solution can also be accessed via our branch offices at Batu Pahat and Johor Bahru.

The name of the company was spurred on by the realization that today’s entrepreneurs needed solutions to their business problems at lightning speed in order for their business to compete with other great companies.

The dawn of the Internet age has also caused business operations to shift on a global scale, which mean that every type of businesses, regardless of whether it is involved in a skilled industry or service industry, needed to be able to adapt itself according to the world economy as well.

Agile Solutions seek to help young companies grow faster by leveraging on modern day technology.

At the moment, Agile Solutions is synonymous with finding business solutions for various retail outlets from the mini market to those selling apparels, shoes, gift shops, stationery, salon, electronics, hardware, car workshops, restaurants and cafe. Specifically, Agile Solution help these customers seek out the best Point-of-Sale solution for each client’s specific business.

Our Business Philosophy

For Agile Solutions to be successful, our customer’s business must first be successful.

If our customer fails, we will have no business.

If our customer is not satisfied, we will have no customers.

The one and only method of achieving a win-win situation for both Agile Solutions and our customers is for the team at Agile Solutions to provide good service.